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Written by on July 25, 2022

The foreigners who arrived with stickers for some constituencies from Venezuela have to date caused problematic utterances from both coalitions Azimio and Kenya kwanza. The DCI came in and during the investigations, he happened to contact Kenya kwanza including IEBC as an independent commission. He also contacted Kenya kwanza with a letter whose3 content hasn’t been revealed to date. This makes Kenya kwanza leader William Ruto mad aT him telling him to focus on his job. Save your time, stop writing long letters to us. Leave matters of elections to IEBC because you have no business running an election,” he said.

“You have failed as DCI. We do not want you to fail us in this election. Stop annoying us and let IEBC do their work. Yours is criminal investigations but you have never done anything. Wait for August when you will go home,” Ruto said.

On the same note, Ruto had uttered sentiments to presidential Uhuru too linking him to the incident that happened at the airport

On Sunday, Ruto said some top government officials were interfering with the independence of the IEBC including the president.

“We are not asking for any favors from the President. We voted for you; we stood by you when you wanted men and women by your side. Do not allow security agencies to intimidate or blackmail IEBC, We know you are the chairman of Azimio. Do not confuse your duties as the chairman of Azimio and your duties as the President of Kenya. You must serve the 50 million people of Kenya equally,” he said.

“You can support your project as the chairman of Azimio but guarantee Kenyans the security they need so that they can make their choices freely.”

The Deputy President asked Uhuru not to allow security agencies and “people with sinister motives” to intimidate or blackmail IEBC

I want to tell the IG and DCI when our victory is confirmed, we shall in the defense of democracy have an inquiry of public officers who have undermined democracy,” he added.

He told Uhuru not to forget the strategic importance of Kenya in the region and the world.

“Do not allow any of your officers to compromise the democracy of the country. You can undermine democracy, but you cannot defeat democracy,” he added.

The big dilemma for Kenyans, is who is behind all this, and if so, which coalition could be behind the suspicious strategy of guys from Venezuela arriving in the country? will the election process be genuine and transparent manifested?

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