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Home of talents

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Enduruche - ‘home of talents

ENDURUCHE is a local dialect word that simply means a hunting tool a sling that is used to hit and accomplish the intended mission, the program is intended to educate, nurture talents for gospel artists, promote their artistic work, and entertain the listener. Enduruche is a radio program hosted On Monday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm in this we ensure that our audience of all walks has a platform to make calls and be part of our motivating discussions of that particular show. It’s only in ENDURUCHE that you will get to listen to your favorite gospel artist and their music.

Moving talk shows have been included for both the young and the old. Every Wednesday we focus on urban gospel music and live interviews with artists. Culture Thursday we have ‘Oboroso Bwa Mwanyageting’e magazine On Fridays I conduct live interviews with local gospel artists, it’s here where both urban and rural artists are nurtured through this show.

During the program, we have Daily Top five @five countdown. We are looking forward to having an interaction with our listener through; church tours, campus tours, and county tours through outside broadcasting.

Enduruche- ‘home of talents’ is a program that aims at reaching heterogeneous and anonymous audience.

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