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Some of the reasons why his excellency in the president does not work closely with Ruto are now open.RUTO does not give anything for free because he needs payment. This is unlike Raila whom the president chose to work with up to date. Azimio la Umoja executive director Raphael,  explains. “He was paid. Let the […]

The presidential debate is still set to happen on Tuesday 26th July which will be aired across all channels of Kenya. The venue won’t change which is the catholic university of east Africa (CUEA) in Nairobi. Despite the fact that the Azimio coalition leader won’t attend, the debate will still take place as confirmed by […]

The foreigners who arrived with stickers for some constituencies from Venezuela have to date caused problematic utterances from both coalitions Azimio and Kenya kwanza. The DCI came in and during the investigations, he happened to contact Kenya kwanza including IEBC as an independent commission. He also contacted Kenya kwanza with a letter whose3 content hasn’t […]

Retailers with a large stock of UNGA that was going at 230 are now desperate wondering where to place the stock after Uhuru lowered the price ON 20th July in Nairobi statehouse. Uhuru the president announced that the maize flour would retail at 100 shillings with immediate effect which was a blow to such retailers […]


The price of a 2kg packet of Unga will not fall as the ministry of agriculture had announced earlier on Monday of 18th July. the ministry had revealed that an agreement waqsv made with the millers over the subsidized price of which the millers rubbished their mega announcement of the maize flour price being lowered […]


Omanyala the africas fastest man became the fifth in Oregon’s athletics on Sunday’s world semifinals race. The position that made him uncomfortable after he promised to clinch the top position earlier. Omanyala recorded 10:14 seconds during the race that took place early Sunday of 17th July. Africas 100m champion came fifth after Oblique Seville of […]

In the few past Kenya kwanza rallies, The kingpin to that very coalition has been seen losing his tempers on various issues, sometimes directing his anger to the audience with a threatening speech but why? Besides losing his tempers to the audience, he has been seen speaking ill of some politicians and some cabinet secretaries. […]

The Luyha council of elders is not happy with the sentiments directed to Eugene Wamalwa the defense CS  in his rally in Transnzoia. “Tell that man to stop going wild, if it wasn’t for me he would be roaming the streets. I am the one who brought him and gave him the ministerial job because […]

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