Written by on May 30, 2023

By Whitney Akunga

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka has described President William Ruto’s administration as an eye-opener for Kenyans.

Citing the various levies proposed in the 2023, Finance Bill Onyoka on Tuesday said despite the backlash, the bill is highly likely to pass through parliament owing to the numbers Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza alliance commands at the House.

The senator noted that the bill will make Kenyans understand the implications of Kenya Kwanza’s agenda and draw lessons for future elections.

“There is nothing that is going to happen; this bill will pass because the Kenya Kwanza team are the majority. The president is monitoring everything to make sure it passes,” Onyonka said.

“The president had a manifesto, and the joke we make amongst us at the opposition is how we wish Kenyans would give Ruto what he wants, Kenyans are complaining but they elected him. Let him even increase the tax to 100%; Kenyans need to understand choices have consequences.”

According to the senator, Kenyans will in future be evaluating presidential candidates before voting to really scrutinise their agendas and how they affect the cost of living.

“Kenyans will now begin to look at a candidate when voting; what does the manifesto say? Right now, we do not vote for anything. The Kenyan public deserves what William Ruto is doing,” Onyonka said.


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