Author: Obwoge Joseph

By John Ogoi The global cancer pandemic represents a significant health crisis affecting millions of people in Kenya and globally. Apart from its far-reaching health consequences, cancer also imposes a substantial economic burden on patients. I aims to provide an overview of the economic impact of the global cancer pandemic on its patients. An overview […]

By John Ogoi Privatization of state corporations and other co-operations is with both potential benefits and drawbacks. While privatization is not a solution to all economic problems, it can offer some advantages. One potential benefit of privatization is increased efficiency. State-owned corporations can sometimes suffer from bureaucracy and inefficiencies, causing them to underperform. Privatization can […]

In the picturesque landscapes of Gusii land, where lush greenery meets rolling hills, an age-old enigma persists – the pervasive presence of witchcraft. Stories of night runners who mysteriously traverse the darkness, and the whispered tales of bewitchment, continue to cast a long shadow over the region. However, the reality of witchcraft remains elusive, cloaked […]

Kenya’s history carries the indelible marks of colonialism, a painful chapter that witnessed the suffering of countless Kenyans under the rule of British soldiers. Lives were sacrificed in the fight for freedom, and the scars of those times still resonate in the collective memory. When the United Kingdom finally conceded self-rule to Kenya, it came […]

At the very core of any nation’s advancement lies its educational system, the bedrock upon which future prosperity is built. In Kenya, substantial reforms have reshaped the educational landscape, yet a recent exposé brings to light lingering specters from the past that continue to haunt the nation’s academic journey. In the not-so-distant past, the 8-4-4 […]

The death sentence was first passed into law in Kenya during the colonial era, under British rule. It continued to be implemented even after Kenya gained independence in 1963. However, since then, there have been discussions and debates regarding the retention or abolition of the death penalty in Kenya. The reason why the judiciary and […]

In recent years, the global economy has witnessed a steady and worrisome phenomenon—the rise in the cost of living. While the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably dominated headlines, the escalating cost of living has silently emerged as a global pandemic of its own. There is a need to explore the factors contributing to this alarming trend […]

The Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC), introduced in Kenya in 2017, was envisioned as a transformation of the traditional 8-4-4 education system. With the aim of reducing the overreliance on exams and fostering a more skill-based approach to learning, the CBC was met with a mix of hope and skepticism. CBC Hopes vs. Challenges: The idea behind […]

As Kenyans reflect and celebrate Heroes Day, there are several lessons that can be drawn from the fallen independence heroes. Here are a few important ones: 1. Sacrifice for a greater cause: The fallen independence heroes selflessly sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of Kenya. They teach us the importance of putting the […]

It is a widely acknowledged sentiment that the youth of today will be the ones shaping our society in the future. Various programs and initiatives have been put in place with the aim of empowering the younger generation, and the church is no exception to this endeavor. Virtually every church has established programs aimed at […]

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