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In the name of enforcing covid 19 measures, the force and brutality being applied the police in various parts of the country is now alarming. The blame game goes a long way as citizens complain of the action taken against them whereas reports have it that the same citizens are intentionally breaking the law and making the work of the police hectic.

Humanitarians insist that the police are on their line of duty but they are using excessive force while enforcing the nighttime curfew to contain corona virus. They say that that the brutality has left many with life- threatening injuries. It is a working assumption that Kenyans fear the police more than the virus itself. This is because many are spotted running away to avoid the brutal arrests more than the efforts they put to contain the virus.

This comes after Yassin Hussein, a 13 year-old was killed while playing in their home balcony. Despite the fact that it was past curfew hours, he was at home the family argues.in Marani, Nyamira County a young girl was shot dead a few minutes before curfew hours. This are just but a few of the reported cases of the extent of the brutality

As of April 22nd a significant number of people had lost their lives due to causes related to police brutality and excess combatting covid measures nationwide. This pandemic presents war on two fronts, one being the quest to curb the virus and on the other hand, the police. All this narratives present a grim on inhumanity and unfortunately, justice has not prevailed to the victims

The law society of Kenya (LSK) has moved to court seeking the suspension of the curfew hours since they are not of much impact as expected. The LSK claims it does not add up to ditch covid 19 measures during the day but rush to beat time when evening comes. Kenyans run their errands without worry during the day but as time runs out, they begin tension to run away from the wrath of the police. The LSK also asks that the inspector general should be held liable where the police undermines Kenyans rights and unreasonably use their weapons.

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