whats behind rutos anger!!!??

Written by on July 15, 2022

In the few past Kenya kwanza rallies, The kingpin to that very coalition has been seen losing his tempers on various issues, sometimes directing his anger to the audience with a threatening speech but why?

Besides losing his tempers to the audience, he has been seen speaking ill of some politicians and some cabinet secretaries. The same has been reacted to by his opponents claiming that he is not suitable for the presidential seat due to him having anger issues. Wamalwa the defence cs who was termed as “wamama”a mother in Ruto’s speech reacted to the same blaming Ruto for belittling his name and this was an outcome of him revealing the names of the government officials that were almost being slapped by the Kenya kwanza leader Ruto. He was one of the victims too.

However, Ruto has come out boldly to defend his anger issues claiming that it’s the economic fact making him unhappy because Kenyans are hungry and can’t afford something to eat . He lamented directing the blame to the current top politicians.

“My detractors are alleging that I have an anger problem, but who can laugh with the current economic situation in the country? We are not happy. There are Kenyans who sleep hungry because of the high cost of living. We are angry because things are not okay.”

Is the economy issue really behind Rutos anger as he explains in the few past rallies? He has been seen blasting to the voters in some areas for instance Vihiga. He shouted to one of the guys who were responding back to him as he spoke, some mentioning the Azimio coalition directly to him. But does this allow you to lose your temperament as a leader? some of the questions raised by the public in our outdoor interviews.”Let us have respect. If anyone has been sent here to cause chaos at our meeting, reveal yourself early or just leave. Sloya will not leave but will address the meeting later. Young man, do not answer me. On what basis would you answer me? Do not bring trouble here and if you want, then leave but respect our gathering,” he complained.

The big question in people’s minds is, are Kenyans safe as the intimidations and tempers land on them in political rallies and even to the top government politicians? An ethics team to monitor political terms was formed and Kenyans are eager to hear from them. Are they existing? , and if so, what are they up to?


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