Written by on January 18, 2023

Residents from Bituka and Nyamboga villages in Nyatieko Kitutu Chache South are pleased with Hon. Okeng’o Nyambane after he repaired a water well that had collapsed earlier.

The water tower which was built back in 2006, collapsed in 2013 and since then the locals have been suffering getting clean water for consumption.

“We started this project back in 2006, where we wanted to help the community including the women who were going far to fetch water and animals were taken far to drink the water. Even we had a problem with irrigation and we wanted to make fish ponds but this project failed before 2013,” the residents said.

Speaking during a ‘baraza’ they praised former aspiring senator for Kisii county Hon. Okengo Nyambane who has now made work easier for them.

“Hon. Okeng’o Nyambane has brought for us a water conservation tank and he has made us a water plant where we will be accessing water easily and this will help us a lot,” they retaliated.

One of the residents by the name Peris Nyanchama added, “I first thank God for creating water and second I thank our aspiring senator for listening to pleads of women, men and all residents by making us water spring to give us water and help in rising the failed project back in 2013.”

Despite Gusii region receiving average rains throughout the year, some parts of the region has poor water sources, majority of them being springs and wells, thanks to the rich ground cover.

By Frank Mayunga

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