Waiguru: My Friends Call me “Hunny”

Written by on January 3, 2023

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru now claims that when she is not in the political spotlight, neither she nor her kin or close friends use her surname to refer to her.

According to the Governor, her surname is rarely used when she is in her family home, and none of her six children even use it to introduce themselves as her children when they go out and about.

“My children hardly use my surname; they don’t go to places and use the name Waiguru and at home we don’t use the name Waiguru,” she told NTV in an interview.


When in the company of old acquaintances, Waiguru went on, her friends use the nickname ‘Hunny’, which she says she picked up years ago while in university, to refer to her, one of the first six women governors in Kenya’s history.

“Waiguru is just my political moniker. Even my friends at home don’t call me that. I have a nickname and its ‘Hunny’ which I got from university. Some of them also just use my first name instead,” she said.

When asked how she juggles between her political and family life whenever she is at home, Waiguru said that she prefers not tuning in to TV stations from her residence so that she can keep her life as a mother and wife separate from her entity as a Governor.

“I don’t know if you’ll believe this or not but we don’t have a TV in our living room and that way we separate political discussions with what goes on when we come together at home,” she said.

Despite being in the political limelight for almost a decade, she likewise insisted that being in the public eye has not changed her as a person and that she has remained grounded throughout her career.

“I would want to believe that politics hasn’t changed me. I have kept the same friends for many years. My closest friends have been with me since High School; in fact my best friend was my desk mate in Form 1 back when I was just 13 and three of my closest friends I met in the same school,” she said.

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