the unga lowerd price not yet!

Written by on July 20, 2022

The price of a 2kg packet of Unga will not fall as the ministry of agriculture had announced earlier on Monday of 18th July. the ministry had revealed that an agreement waqsv made with the millers over the subsidized price of which the millers rubbished their mega announcement of the maize flour price being lowered to 100.

“The Cereal Millers Association (CMA) is consulting with the Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant stakeholders on how best to reduce maize flour prices. Negotiations are at an advanced stage, but no prices have been set,” Cereal Millers Association CEO Paloma Fernandes told Citizen Digital via text message.

“We will advise all our stakeholders on progress made towards achieving our goal of providing adequate, affordable, and nutritious maize flour,” He added. The entire nation applauded the news on Monday hoping that their dream of spending hungry nights was now accomplished.

The CEO argued that they had not reached a consensus andcwere to extend the talks late this week. All through the week, The program which would have run for a month would have seen the recommended retail price for a two-kilogram packet of maize flour fall to Ksh.100 from current highs of Ksh.210 and Ksh.52 for a kilo of sifted maize flour.

THE political teams or rather coalitions have been appraising each other over the lower price and criticizing others over the same deal but what is the truth now. Critics have been made and appraisals op what hasn’t been established. The Azimio team has been che3st thumbing of making negotiations over the Unga price successful. The dilemma for Kenyans today is, are the government stakeholders true and reliable to the public?. Are Kenyans going to put a smile on their face late this week as promised?

“Wanjiku” is still leagving on an shs200 paid job to date even after the most used commodity hikes t6o 230 shillings. Which is the way to go? Kenyans are expecting a reaction from the agriculture ministry which will clear the air over the most valued commodities price.

The government is keen to lower the cost of maize flour in the country to manage the high cost of living and has previously taken steps towards this goal like importing high metric tones of maize to conquer the shortfall of maize production by farmers in the country. Currently, the price is 200 shillings per 2kg in Nairobi and 230 shillings in various retailers upcountry. 

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