The Rongai Shocker Robbery Involving Security Investigators

Written by on June 15, 2022

Its a shocker indeed to realize that the Rongai robbery that happened on 11th of june involved a former security investigator who works with the current security agencies to terrorize Kenyans

On early Sunday, it wasn’t a cup of tea experience in Kandisi, Manchester estate located in Ongata Rongai Kajiado county. As the woman drove in a Mercedes Benz at around 2 pm, she was shocked when her car was surrounded by unknown masked gangs were armed with an AK47 riffle with pangas that scared the lady.

Before hitting hard the vehicle’s screens, they had ordered her to get out of the car but the woman tried to resist. one of the gangsters pointed the AK47 gun to the lady and this forced her out of the vehicle. The lady was seen being harassed s she was pushed to the wall before they ordered her to open the entry doors to her house, where they took most of the electronics and forced her to withdraw some good cash from an unknown MPESA agent.

The gang is said to have robbed one neighborhood before attacking the lady that very night. This has been a norm in the area as one of the residents reported.” In the past one week, we have heard about five cases in the area, in one cases they stole a motor vehicle and was recovered at the Ole Kasasi area.” Njoki narrated.

“I have lived here for about seven years and such cases were unheard of, for now, we have been forced to employ security guards to watch over our properties,” added Njoki

Surprisingly, the former corporal officer in the area is said to be part of the robbery by coordinating and providing the guns used. speaking to one of the police officers in kandisi,he said that they had arrested two guys and the former corporal officer was to be arrested in a few.

“The manchester estate is said to have enough security but due to the former security agent involved in this, the attack might be easy, we also have senior politicians residing here and for this reason we expect our security to be beefed up” a resident who wanted not to be disclosed said.

It’s so sad for Kenyans to be robbed in such an area where security is said to be well implemented, one day ago Matiangi the CS to security visited the area beside him being Hillary Mutyiambia and assured the residents of deploying more security officers to the estate. It wasn’t long before this incident happened again. The big question is, will the investigative officers involved in these incidents be brought to book and justice obtained?

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