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Abasae nechigosori

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This shows deals with the matters of youths..

Primarily this shows deals with the matters of youths whereby the matters that afflict the youths like the pressure of materialism, lack of employment, failure to succeed in education, cyberbullying body image, family problems, substance abuse, lack of affordable housing and negative stereotyping, single parenthood, violence in schools and shifting economy.
In this programmed we try as much as we can where we try to address those challenges above by advising them as follows:

  • To know their rights first.
  • Learn about local issues
  • Speak out
  • Network
  • Spread the word
  • Join online campaigns
  • Host a youth summit
  • Use your creativity
  • Create a youth organization
  • Believe in yourself and follow your passion.

We as radio Vuna youths program we believe that we can contribute to the society development and make things in the right place by using the positive procedures and also supporting the underprivileged youths who have bright ideas because together we can all make our world a better place.

On the other hand, entailing sports we always try to focus much on our local matches around our community and our country at large whereby mostly we try to highlight how we can overcome the following drawbacks in this journey to become a sports nation.

  • The assumption of sports as a tool for peace.
  • Over-reliance on donor inputs.
  • Few sports for peace and development organizations.
  • Lack of result – generating regulation in the sports industry.
  • Unstable inter-organizational collaborations.
  • Little sports at the elite level.
  • Feuds among federations and charity organizations.

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