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Some of the reasons why his excellency in the president does not work closely with Ruto are now open.RUTO does not give anything for free because he needs payment. This is unlike Raila whom the president chose to work with up to date. Azimio la Umoja executive director Raphael,  explains.

“He was paid. Let the people of Mt Kenya not think Ruto supported Uhuru willingly, this is a person of blackmail. I can confirm before a court of law how. It is necessary for me to repeat this in a court of law I will because I know I have the evidence and it is not just me, do find out from a lot of people in our circles they will tell you that there was no way Ruto was going to give anything for free,” he told Inooro FM.

Ruto was given billions of mone3y for his support to be offered to Uhuru and this wasn’t the first time for him to ask for payment in his political life whenever he gives support to anyone in government .” These are demands of payments which he did not only make on TNA that time but also made them on ODM previously.” added Tuju.

“It was better several times over to work with an honest Raila who would be ready to work with him without demanding anything in Government, support him in Parliament instead of a Ruto who, at every corner, blackmailed the President,” he added

Ruto had to react to Tujus accusations as put through his director of communications Emmanuel Taalam” Because he seems to know more he should provide receipts for payment”.

“It is amazing how Tuju never gets exhausted being used and dumped by deep state agents to fight DP. He should take time off and reflect on whether it’s worth it,” he added

Tuju went further insisting that he was ready to repeat the same before the court of law and he had eq2uiped himself with enough evidence.“Yes, if it’s necessary for me to repeat this in a court of law, then I will because I know I have the evidence and it’s not only me who has the evidence,” he added.

He says that Uhuru decided to work with Raila the Azimio leader for Ruto cannot be trusted even after lying to Kikuyus over his support for Uhuru which he never did out of good will. Currently, Uhuru is persuading the mount Kenya region to vote as a block for Raila Amolo Odinga as his successor for he is a genuine leader.


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