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President-elect William Ruto has said that he has spoken to the outgoing head of state Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Dr Ruto said they talked about the August 9 General Election and transition of power.

“I had a telephone conversation with my boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta. We discussed the just concluded General Election and the transition as envisaged by our democratic tradition and practice,” Ruto said.

On Monday, after the Supreme Court upheld his election, the President-elect said he had not talked with his current boss for months but would call him to discuss transition matters.

“I haven’t talked to Uhuru Kenyatta in months but shortly I will call him so that we can have a conversation on the process of transition. I know he worked hard in his own way but the people of Kenya have made a decision,” he said.

Ruto added that he will honour and respect Uhuru, even though he did not support him in the just concluded polls.

“I know he worked hard in his own way, but the people of Kenya have made a decision, and we have absolutely no issue with the democratic decision of any Kenyan,” Ruto said.

“When I chose Uhuru Kenyatta, I did not give him any conditions. So I take no offence at all that he chose to support another person. And therefore, we will remain friends in the context of where we are,” he added.

On Tuesday, the Assumption of the Office of President Committee said that they are in the process of overseeing the transition of government and planning the swearing-in of President-elect William Ruto on September 13.

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