Reason why Kindiki was absent in the Unveiling of Ruto’s running mate

Written by on May 18, 2022

Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki now claims that his absence from the announcement of Deputy President William Ruto’s running mate Rigathe Gachagua on Sunday was due to a misunderstanding and a schedule conflict.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s NewsNight broadcast on Tuesday, Kindiki highlighted that when he left DP Ruto’s Karen house in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the DP had already told him of his choice to decide on the Mathira MP as his running partner.

Gachagua and Kindiki, the two frontrunners for the Deputy President’s seat, are said to have made Ruto’s choice even more difficult on Saturday when the Kenya Kwanza party stated that they will introduce their running partner on that day.

The two frontrunners in the race to be Ruto’s running mate argued their points before Kenya Kwanza’s boss late into the night. In a nocturnal announcement, Kenya Kwanza subsequently indicated that it will make its decision public on Sunday.

Aside from this, Kindiki claims to have known that Gachagua’s revealing statement would be made on Sunday after the required worship at church, noting that DP Ruto had confirmed his participation in attending the ceremony.”

Because several of my colleagues and I stayed behind when we left his place on Sunday morning, I was a little late to the event.” He speculated, “I believe there was a misunderstanding.”

Ruto and I had decided that the announcement would be made after church, so I went to my normal place of worship and Ruto also went to a church inside his house, but I didn’t get the time right. My church service delayed a bit.”

Only after getting phone calls from a number of Kenya Kwanza Allies, including DP Ruto, did Kindiki realize that Gachagua’s unveiling ceremony had begun.

A missed call from my party leader prompted me to leave church before the service. ” The first time I tried to reach him, he didn’t answer the phone. The reason he didn’t pick up the phone was because I looked him up online and discovered that he had already begun speaking,” he said.

Because he was already aware that DP Ruto had chosen Gachagua as his running partner, the lawmaker decided not to attend the gathering, particularly since he had already arrived late.

“I sent him an SMS,” I said. To avoid creating a disturbance due of his tardiness, he said, “I drove all the way from Valley Road to Karen since I knew what the outcome was,” and I apologized for being late.

Kindiki believes he would have drawn unwanted attention from the event’s media if he had arrived late at the location.

In the case of losers, they vanish and have temper tantrums. I had no problem attending to congratulate my brother on his accomplishment. And I wasn’t even obligated to contact him the next morning,” Kindiki said.

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