“Embrace professionalism and not wheelbarrows,” Raila says.

Written by on October 9, 2020

Raila warns youths against wheelbarrows and impresses empowerment on innovation and new technologyFormer prime minister RAILA ongoing has challenged Kenyans to shun leaders doing premature 2022 campaigns instead of working on development agenda.

He said instead, warned the youths to distance themselves from the deputy president who is giving out wheelbarrows and rather he empowers them with things that will help them prosper in this century.

“leaders should empower youths with things that can help them prosper instead of petty politics and giving out wheelbarrows, “said Odinga.

Speaking at Gachuba primary school, Bobasi Constituency during the burial ceremony of journalists Calvin and Denis Onsarigo’s father, Odinga said Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) through president Uhuru Kenyatta and he has brought unity for Kenyans and everyone should impress them.

“BBI is the brighter side and goodwill of this nation whereby we will be working out to finish the discrimination against, youths, women elderly and communities and replace them with equality,’ said Odinga.

Odinga note BBI is the is a major contributing factor to fight corruption in the country.

Discrimination against community gender, corruption and BBI is the only tool to finish corruption.

BBI tool will help share the national cake to the youths and help them empower to create jobs, innovation and prosperity.

The wheelbarrow will not empower our youths but stagnate them in poverty as the world is working on innovation and technology

He noted ironic cries from leaders who pretend to have goodwill for the nation will not stop the president and him from working for Kenyan.

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