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Raila Odinga, the  Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader, has adamantly reaffirmed that the opposition-led anti-government rallies will go forward as scheduled despite the State deeming them unlawful.

Mr. Odinga has ordered his followers to demonstrate twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, against the administration of President William Ruto and the high cost of living in Kenya.

Addressing the protesters in the city estate of Imara Daima, Nairobi, on Thursday, Mr. Odinga emphasized that neither he nor his followers would abandon the demonstrations, even if it meant clashing with the ruling party.


“Nipigwe teke, Nipiwe tear gas, Nipiwe maji au Nifungwe pingu, Sitarudi Nyuma. Hatutarudi nyuma, hata Nipelekwe jela na Ruto, “the opposition leader remarked.

He continued by saying that he and his followers are genuine Kenyan patriots who would adamantly keep demonstrating until the State addresses the problems afflicting the average mwananchi.

“Ilhali sisi ni Wakenya wazalendo wanaotaka Kenya ikombolewe, sisi si wendawazimu, na sisi si wajinga. Wakenya wasidhulumiwe tunataka Kenya ibadilike. Using the server’s ifunguliwe kikatiba as an example, “Raila remarked.

After last Monday and last week, the third round of anti-government demonstrations took place on Thursday.

In Nairobi’s Central Business District, there was little activity similar to the previous protests, but on Thursday, there were substantially less interactions with the police and the protesters.

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