Matatu operators outcry

Written by on September 2, 2020

Matatu operators in Kisii Town operating along Kisii- Migori route have shown their dissatisfaction on how reinforcement officers from the county are causing them sleepless nights by “eating them .“ the operators have raised fists against the officers for being corrupt and extorting money from them to let them free.

“They ask for fifty or a hundred shillings in order for them to allow us to proceed with our journeys. Failure to give the amount they will take your vehicle and you will be expected to pay more later on,” claimed a source that sought anonymity.

According to the operators the officers have made their operations hard by encouraging corruption. They are now calling upon Governor Ongwae to intervene so as to end the stalemate between his officers and the operators.

“Mr James Ongwae should come in and help sought this issue out. He actually should come and tell us where to go. Otherwise, if he fails we will take to the streets to protest against these egocentric officers in the name of Kanjo who are mistreating us,” Said one of the operators.

The operators have been in a mouse-cat game with the officers for a long time something they feel has affected them a lot. With the intervention of Governor Ongwae, they trust that they will be sorted and be given their freedom to do their work.

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