Hill Radiates at Night, Kisii County

Written by on April 22, 2023

Kisii Residents were left to awe on 19/04/2023 when Kiong’anyo Hill illumined  with light while the rest of the county was in deep darkness

The hill which is located in Nyaribari Chache provided a spectacular view for almost ten minutes from about 6:50PM.

Kiong’anyo Hill dazzling with light. Photo Credit/Joseph Obuoge/Vuna FM

Local residents attributed the occurrence to supernatural powers, many calling people to repent as they ascribed the incident to the ‘imminent advent of Christ.’

Muslim Faithful’s however  interpreted it as the appearance of the new moon marking the end of Ramadhan.

This is the first time such a scene has been witnessed in the region leading to mixed reactions on its interpretation.

The hill is also characterized by throngs of people who climb there for prayers and fasting. The numbers  of people who regard it as a sacred hill are likely to multiply after the incident.

Dimming light at Kiong’anyo Hill/Photo: Joseph Obuoge/Vuna FM

The light fading away/Photo: Joseph Obuoge/Vuna FM


Apart from Kiong’anyo(1710m), other hills within Kisii county are: Nyamasibi(2170m), Kiamwasi(1785m), Sameta(1970m), Kiombeta, Sombogo, Nyanchwa and Kegochi Hills.

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