Written by on July 5, 2021

Time is already judging the BBI process as much as we are awaiting the final verdict on 20th august 2021. While the BBI flag bearers hope in the appellate court to give a go ahead to the process the postponed date of verdict, which is nearly two months away, will be a great setback to the whole initiative.

The IEBC insists that it needs a whole 12 months to prepare for an election and therefore it argues that the process of having a referendum before the general election in august 2022 is nearly impossible. “Apparently we have only one year to the general election and here we are wasting a whole 2 months  as we wait for a verdict that would need a re arrangement in the commission and as such we are not prepared.’’

While Kenyans continue to say that they are, only working with rumors since they do not even have the slightest idea on what is contained the BBI report, the initiative supporters continue to elaborate and give reasons for support stating that the court is doing a great injustice by blocking the people’s will. Either way it is undeniable that the Kenyan citizens are in two folds, those who love to hear their politicians speak and they trust them fully and those that prefer to read and make slow decisions on their own but the question remains, why would not both preferences be met. Some people generally lack interest in reading national documents citing reasons that whether they read or not and make decisions their will has been disrespected in the Kenyan history therefore time to read is absolutely out and they claim the BBI flag bearers that’s hon Raila Odinga and  HE.  Uhuru Kenyatta are using a time strategy to hurriedly put the initiative in place.

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