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Two months after undergoing  a heart transplant on the January seventh, the first man ever to have a successful heart transplant from a pig has died. David Bennett, an American national from the state of Maryland passed on on the 8th of March 10, 2022 after having some complications.

Mr. Bennett who had been bed ridden for six weeks hooked up to a machine that kept him alive ,  had opted to have the transplant after being informed of the surgery’s hazards and that the technique was experimental with uncertain dangers and benefits before consenting to accept the transplant bearing in mind that it was impossible for him to have a human heart transplant .

The US medical authority granted a special exemption to doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center to carry out the treatment on the grounds that Mr. Bennett, who was ineligible for a human transplant, would have perished otherwise.

The surgery, according to Dr. Griffith, who oversaw the procedure, would bring the world “one step closer to solving the organ scarcity dilemma.” Several individuals die every day while waiting for a transplant, with the scarcity of donors being the major problem.

Pigs have long been considered a viable supply of organs for transplantation due to their physical similarities to humans in many aspects.

Since the exact cause of Mr. Bennett’s death, is still unknown, it’s therefore important to still hope that we might be making important steps to solving the scarcity of organs problems after the medics have dug into the matter and come up with findings. The findings of these studies will indicate how close we are to employing pigs to remedy the global scarcity of transplant organs in the future.

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