Written by on July 5, 2021

Bids have started to be woo ahead of the 2022 general election to the electorates even before IEBC official declare it official for campaigns.   All these aspirants to the top most seat are now all walking on the Deputy president slogan hustlers are working on but in a different way but a bit similar in a way to improve Wanjiku’s live. This is a slightly U-turn from their usual mudslinging and they even promise to create more employment opportunities, lower taxes, and fight corruption but all this have also been condemned by other leaders.

“Remember Jubilee party is dead and part of its run by ODM whereas the other is swelled by UDA.President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy have parted ways and some of the big 4 agendas stuck in a swamp. Some of their promises never been seen into action till now. It’s really a sad affair for this country. People should remember the country has no opposition, so we can’t check on the government. We even have no moral authority to talk about corruption because we are all intertwined”, said SEN. Ledama Olekina

All this people giving these promises are forgetting that common mwananchi is now struggling very hard to stay at float despite facing hard economic times especially during this Covid -19 pandemic. Which can be proved through the adverse effect of pandemic. It has forced majority to look for ways to employ themselves for majority of people lost their jobs and they have families to provide for. This has been evaluated in the great towns based on health factors financial factors, environmental factors, governmental factors e.t.c.

As per now inflation has reached on a high level for the cost of basic commodities are unaffordable for Wanjiku’s. All this revolve around the common country perennial headache that is corruption. These aspirants are promising to stamp out the headache that primarily is leading us int high living standards. They try giving different methodologies they would use to cub corruption where other try by even saying that they will arrest all people who have corruption cases once arrested. After all this is not what is needed to cub corruption, it needs something that is more than words but          enforced action for this is the most dangerous weed that till now has not been able to get any herbicides to be able to eradicate corruption from the society to enable common mwananchi to grow economical leading to growth of the nation at large .Although they seem  to be playing the same music but on a different tune on high taxes that is draining Kenyans last coin.

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