Complaints & Feedback

Here at Radio Vuna we love to hear from you. We value all feedback regarding our programmes.

If you would like to correspond with us, we ask you to please include details of the manner of the feedback or complaint with as much information as possible and the time it aired on the station. Also make sure you include all your details including your name, address and telephone number.

We endeavor to speak/correspond with you within 48 hrs of your correspondence being lodged.

The process of any complaint will be investigated by the Head of Broadcast and preliminary findings will be fed back to the complainant within a day, with a full summary of the findings and the action taken given to you within 7 days.

We endeavor to deal with the physically challenged or listeners with lack of writing skills with our on-air studio WhatsApp and SMS line and the complaint will then passed to the Head of Broadcast to deal with and contact you.

You can address your complaint to the Head of Broadcast in either Swahili or English and address your complaint to: The Head of Broadcast;


or write to;


Radio Vuna

University Way

Off Kisii-Kilgoris Way 

Kisii Central


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