By John Ogoi Privatization of state corporations and other co-operations is with both potential benefits and drawbacks. While privatization is not a solution to all economic problems, it can offer some advantages. One potential benefit of privatization is increased efficiency. State-owned corporations can sometimes suffer from bureaucracy and inefficiencies, causing them to underperform. Privatization can […]

In recent years, the global economy has witnessed a steady and worrisome phenomenon—the rise in the cost of living. While the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably dominated headlines, the escalating cost of living has silently emerged as a global pandemic of its own. There is a need to explore the factors contributing to this alarming trend […]

By Moffat Ratemo Kenya’s national treasury has taken a step toward privatization by listing 25 state entities for potential transfer to the private sector. Notably, ten state corporations have already been identified and are awaiting a cabinet paper for approval, as confirmed by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u. The identified state entities include the […]

The annualized inflation rate and the month-to-month inflation rate are two different measurements used to analyze changes in prices over a specific period of time. The month-to-month inflation rate refers to the percentage change in prices from one month to the next. It gives a short-term perspective on inflation trends within a year. On the […]

By Moffat Ratemo Kisii Governor Simba Arati made a notable appearance on Friday at the Gusii Stadium, where he attended an event hosted by Ajiry. Ajiry is specifically designed to provide a robust platform for young individuals to connect and network, offering a wide array of job opportunities that span both the blue-collar and white-collar […]

By Moffat Ratemo A bill imposing taxes on night vigils in Kisii county has sparked opposition from churches. One notable voice opposing the bill is Peter Morwabe, an Embassy Gospel Minister, who contends that taxing night vigils at churches is unnecessary and detrimental to the community. Morwabe stated, “I implore our MCAs to reconsider their […]

By John Mauya                                      Kenya’s inflation rate increased to 6.7 percent in August 2023 due to the indicator measure price variations in goods and services compared to the same month one year earlier. In April 2022, inflation in […]

During the Africa Climate Summit (ACS) 2023, President William Ruto made a powerful statement by personally driving an electric car around Nairobi. He made a memorable arrival at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), where the ACS was being held. This unconventional move captured public attention and generated significant discussion. Coinciding with this, Nairobi witnessed […]

President William Ruto has announced that Ksh.32 billion shareable revenue for counties for the month of July 2023 have been disbursed from Thursday to the respective devolved units. Speaking on Thursday, 27th July , during the official opening of the Lamu County Commissioner’s Office in Mokowe, he said that Ksh.2.3 billion will at the same […]

Civil servants, including employees at various State agencies, will go without their due salaries for this month for an unknown period. This is after the government revealed it is experiencing a major technical hitch affecting the processing of State payrolls. The Ministry of Public Service yesterday said the ongoing upgrade to a new payment system for […]

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