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                                          OPPOSITION DIED WITH HANDSHAKE

In a surprise meeting a few months after the 2017 general election, President Uhuru Kenyatta met NASA leader Raila Odinga and Kenya took a different political turn. “We have to a common understanding that this country is greater than any one individual”, said President Kenyatta.  This was the beginning of building a relationship strategically meant to bring Kenyans together. “The time has come for us to confront and resolve our differences”, said Raila Odinga. This two statements ended with a handshake that has remained to be a topic of discussion for Kenyans all along but what happened to opposition and what happened to the UHURUTO relationship is still a puzzle.

HE. Uhuru Kenyatta has enjoyed freedom of rule with mild opposition and to some extent Raila and Deputy President William Ruto exchanged roles in the Kenyan government since Ruto was progressively faced out of presidential decisions and actions. Once again an  episode where the opposition leader   acts as a powerful government official while the deputy president assumes the role of opposition has re occurred just like in 2008 grand coalition government.

It’s therefore a non-deniable fact that this is the main cause of frequent violations of some sections of the constitution by the office of the president. While Uhuru and Raila seek to amend a section of the government through a popular vote initiative, Kenyans are at crossroads awaiting the fate of the BBI which was the main fruit of handshake. Political pundits will always say only historians can interpret the current arrangement in Kenya.                                                                           

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